Chevron Refinery in Bay Area

This surprised me when I found this out; the single largest producer of greenhouse gases in California sits right in our Bay Area’s backyard. The Chevron Refinery in Richmond produces nearly 90% of their pollution primarily through flaring; flaring is when a refinery burns the excess gas from their refinery and can be seen as a flame at the top of smokestacks. As a result, Richmond doubles the national rate of asthma in children and Chevron is looking to use cruder oil in the future which will only increase that rate. Personally I find it pretty miraculous that in the top 5 green cities in the U.S. 3 are in the bay area next to this pollution beast and they have allowed it to exist their. I think it’s bs that Chevron can cause so many issues for states such as California, Utah, and South Dakota and yet because they are such a large corporation David is afraid of Goliath.

-Shane K.

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