warship retrofit act- for the clean oceans program

So, we need to clean up the oceans. There’s like, hella plastic in there entering our food chain in all kinds of inconvenient ways and destabilizing our fishing stocks. Indeed, there are organizations already forming to handle this noble cause- Clean Ocean Action and the Monterey Bay Foundation are at the forefront.

But once greenocracy links the power of direct democracy to green issues- we’ll see a world of new possibilities that can be executed in a reasonable time frame. I think this idea for a retrofitted aircraft carrier is my new favorite. This is a direct transfer of America’s awesome military might to humanitarian causes- no clearer symbol could be sent to the world that the US is singing a different tune.

The vessel would comb the seas, picking up plastic and converting it into oil (for those of you who don’t know, such machines already exist- check out this video by the UN). The craft itself is powered by a nuclear generator, so not emitting carbon. The oil could either be stored or used on land. Even if the craft itself does burn the oil it makes, it will be a drop in the carbon bucket compared to the rest of humanity. The objective of this mission is ocean cleanup.

Who knows, maybe the whole ghost fleet that is sitting in the San Francisco Delta could be remobilized to tackle this? Hella yeah.

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