And you thought Greenpeace was serious about the environment…

People are feeling so much blame from harming the environment that they often break down and have psychological effects that has caused the creation of a new field of psychology, ecopsychology. In an article by Julie Kirtz Garrett in 2008 she writes about this phenomena and the field it has created. Personally I think a nervous breakdown or nightmares over throwing a plastic cup in the trash instead of the recycling can is a bit extreme, but I like where their heart’s at.

Even though it has been documented that ecopsychology exists and people are so drastically effected by harming the environment, I say we utilize their emotions. Put them in charge of a Green campaign and let them have at it. Although we should also provide a psychologist in case they can’t handle the load of course. But for the most part we want those intensely emotionally environmentalists leading the pack. They have more devotion than anyone else because they are literally causing harm to their own bodies because of their feelings for our planet. Give’m a sign, some markers, and brand new shoes because they’re gonna be leading the troops, HOORAH!!

Shane K.

Julie Kirtz Garrett’s article:,2933,351353,00.html

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