The Probelm…

Currently our political system is extremely dysfunctional. Beyond the unbearable polarization and hyperbole, most people feel as if they don’t have a voice. These feelings of marginalization and apathy, we believe, ultimate reflect a degraded and exclusive system; one whose root causes stem not from the individuals themselves, but from the institutionalized perception of politics as a fundamentally exploitive practice. This view in turn, helps to facilitate a vicious cycle in which the cultural norms of those in power tend toward corruption, whilst simultaneously reinforcing and legitimizing such processes. These practices are what lead to such an overwhelming sense of apathy, which in turn allows for such practices to continue. In other words, it is because of our collective unwillingness to confront the problems of the status quo that allows for them to exist in the first place. Its like an addiction to emotional insecurity, except that its national in scope. This fear of change, whether legitimate or not, pervades all political spheres, impeding genuine progress and discouraging those with the passion and motivation for real change.

Given the extreme vulnerability of all of humans towards the looming dangers of climate change and unpredictable effects of globalization, we cannot allow for these barriers to remain. Thus there exists a genuine demand, across the world, for a more equitable and ultimately enjoyable form of social engagement.


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