The revolution will be blitzkrieg

California is a primary beneficiary of global diaspora, Silicon Valley doubly so. People from all cultures, indian, korean, latino, european and eurasian, all come here through schools or for work, and (for good reason) as many stick as the government visa system allows. Who would want to leave? Silicon Valley has the best job prospects in the nation, it’s a place that’s moving forward when much of the world is standing still, feeling befuddled.

Santa Cruz, or Silicon Beach, as it will surely come to be known, benefits from this cultural diversity. University of California Santa Cruz, the city on the hill above Santa Cruz proper, brings hundreds of foreign students into the mid-size town. It becomes a launch pad for many who graduate and get jobs over the hill, and as the town evolves into a tech center in its own right, more of that rich diversity will splash and slip over the brim of the Santa Cruz mountains and rush down to the beach.

Now to get to the point- this cultural diversity will allow digital political solutions to spread to other countries and populations with astounding speed. Yes we’ve seen the power of Twitter and Facebook within countries, but what we are going to witness in 2012 is the citizenry of the entire planet converging on tools that bring them together across borders.

Last night I had the pleasure of visiting the Asti (referred to by locals as the “Nasty Asti”) on Pacific St in Downtown Santa Cruz. I spent the evening talking with Maggie from Australia, Maria from Spain, and Julia from Russia. Every one of these countries faces huge socio-economic challenges (perhaps Russia and Spain more than Australia). In the evolution of online politics this global network will allow the anti-dote to spread and develop in each one of these localities. Each locality will give more strength to the platform as it adapts to the needs of the region. And those “elites” (for lack of a better term) who are currently spraying Roundup on budding social movements, will be overwhelmed by the synchronous development of online political technology in countries around the world.

Our movement is about people realizing that the truths they hold in their own hearts and minds are shared by the majority of others. It is the replacement of collective madness (purveyed by a few) with collective wisdom, which is known and understood by many, no matter what country they come from.

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