how i love the news

oh how i love reading the news this morning. The SF Chronicle did a bang up job. There are stories from California, Oakland, South Carolina, and DC/menlo park:

Brown Debt Paydown Plan:    NO / YES

CA Highspeed Rail:   NO/YES

Gingrich:    NO / YES

Schools right to hire vs. Teachers Choice:    NO  / YES

Why has it taken so long for the news to become interactive?

I think it is likely that well find partnerships for the greenocracy voting widget with any and all news organizations. We could even work with Flipboard to get it added as a function, the way tweet is available now.

On the flipside, greenocracy could partner for content with news organizations. The greenocracy newsletter would include top stories of the day (as linked and voted on by users), along with voting opportunities. That sounds like a pretty compelling value proposition from a users point of view.



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