Can’t Do It Alone

I want to depart from our typical choice of blog topics today because I feel the need to honor those who have offered their support in helping to make this project possible.

When we think of entrepreneurship oftentimes we just think about the lone founder, or founders, slaving away against all odds to make their product a reality. And while I don’t want to take anything away from that image, I feel it needs a bit of expanding because no matter how dedicated, how passionate or how skillful an individual, or small group of individuals may be, they only represent half of the picture.

In truth, communities and social circles are what help to refine and propel ideas forward. Support networks that can transcend perspective and leverage the weak ties necessary to launch a product count for a great deal in creating a business. Had it not been for the ever-present encouragement of my family and peers then I doubt I would have ever felt validated enough to keep pursuing my ideas. It was in those dark moments when our team would hit a roadblock that the community helped to spur the innovation necessary to find a way around.

But beyond just people, it takes a culture of empathy to create a safe space for new ways of thinking evolve and be tested. Given this understanding, I just want to say thank you.

To everyone who helped us, supported us, challenged us, encouraged us, contributed to us and our product, introduced us to new people, gave us a space to work and allowed us to be a part of their community and lives… Please know that we appreciate everything you have done and will continue to do.

We are grateful, and we will give back in any way that we can.

Thanks again,

The Green Team

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