Survey Update: San Francisco

So this weekend Manu and I made a lovely morning trip up to San Francisco to help conduct our first series of surveys for the SFPUC. Our first event was at the farmers market by the ferry building, which proved to be a perfect place for our work. Together, with two of our new Community Engagement Representatives Axel and Nicole, we conducted roughly 60 interviews in a matter of hours. Everything went according to plan, with the exception of a couple of mobile app bugs, but other than that we were extremely satisfied with our opening performance.

Community feedback was generally pretty positive. Most people were happy to take the survey and offer suggestions. Almost every participant thanked us for our work and admitted to having learned something. Even the SFPUC representative who was present seemed impressed by our pace and effort. If this job continues at this rate we will be done a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, further solidifying our market and community approach.

Our next event will be at the San Francisco Rotary Club, followed by afternoon tabling near the Mission district public library.

I would also like to thank Axel, Nicole and Alisha for their work and patience as we begin to narrow in on our project goals. They are all great so far and I hope to continue working with all of them as the project moves forward.


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