On seeing Steve Blank

“A startup is not a business, it’s a temporary organization designed to search for repeatable and scalable business models.”
The wise words of Steve Blank echoed now around the world through Eric Riess and the lean start movement.

The words echoed particularly strongly for me as I considered the great amount of testing we’ve done and the great amount we still can do. Our fundamental value proposition is public input and buy in through a democratic workshop process and direct outreach. By reaching critical mass participation faster, public institutions can complete projects and fundraising campaigns more effectively.
To date, we’ve done a great job validating the need and the market for government agencies. We’ve also proved that their sales cycle is long and arduous. Things we can test next- that sponsors are willing to support the public workshop process for good causes, that more groups are willing to buy online workshops (at what price point?), and that those groups can include everyone from non-profits to schools to neighborhood associations.

Here’s where testing the MVP comes in. As we ramp up for our beta launch at the end of March, theres some basic but essential functionality to determine to succeed. Can the groups we want to sign up create and manage their workshops with minimal input and help? Is it intuitive what the software does and how to use it? I look forward to testing this with various issues in Santa Cruz, Corralitos and Watsonville. With current clients and those who still fall into the testing category.

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