Civinomics Community Outreach

Hi everyone,

My name is Amanda Rothbard, and I am the Community Outreach intern here at Civinomics. I was first introduced to Civinomics during First Friday this past February, and was immediately intrigued. The simplistic style of the iPad survey and focus on community-based issues is what really piqued my interest and prompted me to get involved.


A little about me: I’m currently a soon-to-be graduate at UC Santa Cruz, with a double major in Anthropology and Feminist Studies. Both of my majors have encouraged me to get involved in the different communities in Santa Cruz. I first began reaching out to the Santa Cruz community through the Homeless Garden Project, a nonprofit local organization with an emphasis on sustainability and agriculture for homeless community members. My work with the HGP was mostly on a volunteer basis, and I was always looking for new ways to give the HGP the media it deserved. It was this first step that prompted me to seek for other opportunities to assist local companies and organizations in Santa Cruz.

Fast forward to today, and I am now immersing myself within the Civinomics web platform and workshops. As the Community Outreach intern, I specifically focus on issues relevant to UC Santa Cruz students. Some of these issues include: student housing, parking and transportation, and campus sustainability. What’s exciting about Civinomics is that it gives a voice to students on topics that have a direct impact on them. While many UCSC students may want to get involved, oftentimes they may not have the resources or the time to focus on a particular issue. With Civinomics, students can go online and in minutes post their ideas and conversations to issues they feel connected to. It is this reason why I find Civinomics to be a groundbreaking company, for students and community members alike. Civinomics gives access to knowledge and community issues to people who may have never had a voice otherwise.

The community collaboration Civinomics encourages is exciting to be a part of, and I believe it will have an outstanding effect on the City of Santa Cruz. I believe that with Civinomics, all types of communities can be on their way to engaging their citizens and fixing problems.

-Amanda Rothbard

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