Civinomics Social Media & Marketing

Hello! My name is Brittany Powers and I am new to the Civinomics crew. I had initially heard about the company through friends who had interned here, but something clicked when a Civinomics member interviewed me at a First Friday event. Their simple questions spurred a lengthy dialogue on what to do about Santa Cruz-based issues, such as renters’ rights, bike safety and needle exchange programs. Having this conversation outside of the realm of my friends or class made me realize that I have an active voice in my community. This realization is what inspired me to get involved as Civinomics’ Social Media & Marketing intern. In promoting Civinomics as a platform for these vital conversations on community progress, I hope to support others by providing information and a space to voice their concerns and opinions.

Brittany Powers

I came to Santa Cruz from Marin County in 2009 as an incredibly lost, undeclared freshman. After stumbling through a series of half-hearted intro courses, I found my fit in UCSC’s feminist studies department. I was in awe of my professors’ 8-syllable-word vocabulary and their commitment to social change from the ground up. This framework has overlapped uniquely with my involvement in Santa Cruz’s music scene. As a member of Cloud 9 A Cappella I was able to support a wide variety of community causes and movements by performing at events such as Santa Cruz’s 31st Annual Take Back the Night and a number of Student Health Outreach & Promotion (SHOP) occasions. Playing banjo and singing in an acoustic female folk trio, The Weatherviens, has also provided me with unique opportunities to get involved through performances at events like UCSC’s Earth Day and the Western National Queer Conference. We are also very excited to be performing this Thursday at Civinomics Beta Launch Party!

I have spent the past three years as an undergrad sponge, soaking up the beauty, opportunity and compassion that our vibrant Santa Cruz community provides. I am really thrilled to be able to give back and support this unique city through the mission of Civinomics. Though I have only been a part of Civinomics for a short time, I have already learned so much about Santa Cruz’s public interests and ideas through this easy to use, interactive platform. The collaborative process that Civinomics promotes will create a profoundly positive impact as it increases accessibility for people to express their opinions, ideas and information on topics that they are intimately involved with. Thanks for having me on board!

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