Are You Receiving Me?

Listening in

Civinomics is improving all the time, thanks to the active feedback we are getting from members using the site and weekly user testing. The basic idea generation and ranking mechanism along with the other features are getting better, and more and more people are using them.

But people have been asking about what comes after the ideas are generated, ranked, polished and refined. In other words, who’s listening?

This week, we are answering that question with the implementation of an improved Listener feature.

A Listener is an expert or elected official with interest in, or influence or jurisdiction over, the workshop topic. A Listener can also be an organization, like the local newspaper. In other words, it’s a person or organization you want to be sure participates in the workshop so you know your input is heard.

The new Civinomics Listener gives members the ability to suggest Listeners to workshop Facilitators, and for Facilitators and Members to invite Listeners to join Civinomics and participate in the workshop. Once Listeners become Civinomics members, they are emailed a daily digest of the workshop activity.

Civinomics members are encouraged to use this new feature to make sure your voices are heard and your ideas and input considered.

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