National Space Priorities, New Civinomics Team Members and More…

1. New Workshop: National Space Priorities

Space is often called the final frontier, or the last great refuge for human exploration… Yet despite all it’s unifying qualities, we still don’t have a cohesive national list of priorities. Yes we have NASA, but their budget isn’t what it used to be and is unlikely to get bigger anytime soon. Plus with private companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic leading the way for commercial research and development, creating such a list seems like helpful place to begin the discussion. So join us in helping to crowdsource our National Space Priorities.

2. Welcome Esther and Russell

Last week we welcomed two new members to the Civinomics team, Esther Kim and Russell Sterten! Esther, here in Santa Cruz, will be taking over management of our social media and online content. Russell, a Berkeley resident, will be organizing ground campaigns and facilitating workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My name is Esther Kim, I’m a recent graduate from UCSC in Business Management & Economics. I am an avid blogger, amateur videographer, and a work hard play hard advocate. I fell in love with Santa Cruz when I started surfing and mountain biking and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

At Civinomics, I hope to bring in a specialized skillset of what I call “grassroots” marketing to help set a structured brand goal of being a community leader.

Hi, my name is Russell and it’s good to be on board with Civinomics.  I am excited about the prospect of leveraging cutting edge communications and Web 2.0 technologies to dramatically increase people’s engagement on issues facing their community.

Before joining Civinomics I worked as a grassroots campaign organizer – most recently on a San Rafael city councilman’s successful bid for the State Assembly – and have also been a substitute teacher in the East Bay and Marin.  Now I am looking forward to working with Civinomics and empowering people to help change the world.

3. New Features and Bug Fixes

Added last week:

  • More debugs and additions to the Facebook signup, login and sharing feature.
  • More debugs and additions to the help and UI.

Coming up next week:

  • Photo uploads, really, we promise.

4. Facilitators Meetup: From Framing to Flagging

Civinomics will be hosting another facilitator meetup in our continuing series “From Framing to Flagging.” The next meetup is scheduled for Wednesday, August 28th from 6:00 to 7:30pm at CruzioWorks. To learn more and RSVP, visit
Thanks to all who attended last week!
Beer and snacks shall be provided.

5. Updates from the Community 2.0 Space

This week we want to talk about a new way of funding media 2.0, specifically through a new platform called Tugboat. So what is it and how does it work? Well unlike traditional print advertising, Tugboat allows authors a set of tools to provide unique incentives and giveaways to their audience, in exchange for support. Think of it like crowdfunding for journalism. Now you can directly support your favorite authors and specific projects that interest you, from anywhere. To learn more visit their site here.

Check out one of our favorite Tugboat projects NSFWCORP, which is attempting to create an international network of journalists to do traditional investigative reporting, but with a bit more humor involved. Check them out here.

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