The Future of the Berkeley Post Office, Civinomicon Sponsors, New Blog and more from Civinomics

1. New Workshops

The Future of the Berkeley Post Office Building

The downtown Berkeley post office building, completed in 1914 and loved by many Berkeley residents, has become one of the many post offices slated to be sold as the U.S. Postal Service scrambles to cut costs. With the appeal process over, residents and city leaders have begun to think about how they may best use the building, rather than letting it fall into private hands. Some have even called for the building to be brought into the Civic Center Historic District, while others disagree. Either way, join us in imagining the Future of the Berkeley Post Office Building.Berkeley City Council Districts
In 1986 the city of Berkeley made a bold move. In order to foster more diversity on the city council, the city decided to switch to district elections rather than elect their council at large. This system, liked
by many and criticized by some, has remained in place since then, with slight adjustments being made to account for population shifts. However, in 2011, a UC Berkeley student group petitioned the city to undergo redistricting, with the intent of creating a majority student district. Currently students are split between 4 separate districts. Is this the right way to go, should students have their own district? And if so, how can they best be represented? Help decide in the new workshop Berkeley City Council Districts.

2. Save the Date: Civinomicon 2013

In case you forgot, be sure to save the dates November 15-17th for Civinomicon 2013! Join other members of the community and local thought leaders in helping to imagine the future of Santa Cruz. Also, big thanks to our local community supporters who totally rock:
Join us in bringing 21st Century technology to civic decision-making at Civinomicon, where we will be hacking the future.

3. From the Blog: Remember, Remember…

It has been 2 years since the Occupy Movement began with the original protests in Zuccotti Park, New York City. And while many people disagreed with the protesters, the reasons for their unrest remain clear.  Five years on since the economic crash, with little justice served and high inequality persisting, many people feel system is ripe for change. Civinomics CTO, Chris Neklason, recounts what it was like to be there and what we have learned in his new blog post Remember, Remember…

4. New Features and Bug Fixes

The development team has rolled out the new search interface. You can now
search by word, category tag, or by region to find all of the associated workshops,
ideas, resources, discussions and pictures.
Manu, our fightin’ CEO, added a nice feature for searches: the top rated photo returned by the search is displayed as the background image on the page.
Remember to upload and share photos of your community, we are working on more and more ways to display them.
Coming next:
We’ll be rolling out Twitter signup and login and shares in the coming week, as well as improvements to the new photo and search features.
Busy busy, a coder’s work is never done!

5. Meetup Scheduling Change: From Framing to Flagging Has Been Moved

Our facilitator’s workshop series, From Framing to Flagging has been postponed a week due to a scheduling conflict. Doh! Please forgive our mistake as it turns out someone else had already booked our normal space. Instead, we will be meeting next Thursday on the 26th at 6pm. For more information, and to RSVP please visit:

To learn more and RSVP, visit: you there!

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