New Workshops: ‘Time for a Santa Cruz Sanctuary Camp?’ and ‘Addressing Smoking in Berkeley’

1. New Workshops

Time for a Santa Cruz Sanctuary Camp?

It’s no secret that Santa Cruz has a homeless problem. According to the bi-annual Applied Survey Research count, there are 2,771 homeless individuals at any one point in time in Santa Cruz County. That’s well above the national per capita average, and higher than any of our neighboring counties. One proposed solution is to create a self-sustaining, self-regulated camp, that would provide for basic services in exchange for voluntary labor. However, any idea dealing with the homeless is nothing short of controversial, so help us answer the question, is it

Smoking in Berkeley

Starting January 1st, 2014, the UC system-wide ban on smoking will go into effect. Smoking will be prohibited on all campus property, and numerous resources will be available for people who are trying to quit. At the same time, the Berkeley city council is now considering a new ordinance that would prohibit smoking in multi-unit residences, such as apartments, co-operative housing, nursing homes, and fraternities. How do you feel about these rules?  Let us know in the new workshop, “Smoking in Berkeley”.

2. Updates on Civinomicon: Confirmed Facilitators

One of the most unique aspects of Civinomicon 2013 will be the ability to break out into small, topical groups to discuss certain issues in depth. For our part, we want to provide knowledgeable facilitators that can help lead and bring about the best discussion and ideas possible. With that in mind, we are proud to announce that we will have Susan O’Hare, the Public Safety Citizen Task Force Coordinator for the city of Santa Cruz leading our group on Public Safety; and Donna Meyers, a City Water Commissioner, leading our section on water.

If you haven’t yet RSVPed for Civinomicon, you can here:

3. Radio Interview: Civinomics on KSCO

Last week Civinomics CMO Robert Singleton wrote a blog post entitled “Bullshit and Bathrobes: the State of Our Civic Discourse”, in which he described his experience at a Santa Cruz city council meeting. KSCO radio host and local politics commentator Ethan Bearman took notice, and invited Robert to come into the studio for an interview. Luckily, Civinomics Marketing Manager Esther Kim was there to catch the first half of the conversation on film.

In studio, with Ethan Bearman!

Listen to the entire interview here.

4. New Features and Bug Fixes

  • The development team was busy in the last week hunting and squishing bugs in a couple places and improving performance in the workshop geographic search feature.
  • The user interface in the workshops was updated, we think it’s more readable.
  • The information organized a little better, and much more attractive. Check it out!
  • The new Twitter signup, login and share feature is undergoing our usual rigorous testing, and should be rolled out sometime this week.
  • The coding for the new Initiative feature is underway, and we are eager to get that deployed by the Civinomicon in November.
As always, check out the new features (and the old) and let us know what you think in the “Improving Civinomics” workshop!

5. April-October Revisited: 6 Months in Review

Back when we launched our online platform in April we had 6 “original” workshops for Santa Cruz,

Since then, there have been over 35 workshops on a wide variety of topics, across a wide spectrum of geographic areas. From regional workshops about the BART system, to state and national problems related to Congress and the California Prison System, Civinomics has provided a more nuanced and dynamic way to learn about, and get involved in the issues people care about.

As we approach our 6 month anniversary, and Civinomicon 2013, we invite you to submit and vote on ideas in these “original” 6 workshops, which we will be revisiting before the Civinomicon event. The results of these workshops will be compiled into a series of open reports, which will be made publicly available at some point in December. The workshops will then be archived in an upcoming section of our site, for others to utilize and build off of in future discussions.
Thanks again for participating, and contributing toward the betterment of our community.

The Civinomics Team

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