Are you ready for Civinomicon?


After much anticipation…

The Civinomicon 2013 topic group workshops are now here!

Please take a moment to review each issue’s information section and workshop goals, get up to speed on the referenced articles, and post some initial ideas. The more content the better, as everyone has something unique to contribute. The ideas posted will be brought up during the event, and the challenges listed will serve as the starting point for discussion. This is your opportunity to weigh in on some of the most pressing local issues, and offer input that will shape the future of our community.

As of now some of the workshops are still under review, but all will be fully uploaded by the end of the day. You can check out the Civinomicon 2013 Workshops here, or view them below.


Facilitated by Brett McFadden, Chief Business Officer for Pajaro Valley Unified School District, and written by Jennifer Squires; Education in Santa Cruz County faces a number of complex challenges. From finding stable sources of funding year after year, to adjusting to the new common core K-12 standards, school officials have their hands full with the future. Help them out and post your ideas here.


Facilitated by Shelley McKittrick, Director of Programs for the Homeless Services Center, and written by Jessica Pasko; Homelessness in Santa Cruz is one of the more complex and controversial topics to be discussed at the Con. Some of the challenges include dealing with chronic homelessness and the high rates of crime committed by homeless individuals. This topic needs all of the public input it can get, but remember, strong opinions should be tempered with facts. Post your ideas here.


Facilitated by George Dondero and Karena Pushnik, Executive Director and Senior Planner at the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission, and written by Jennifer Squires; Transportation presents numerous challenges to the community in many forms. Funding and resources are limited, and agencies must find a way to prioritize new projects while maintaining existing roads. To this end your input is surely needed, offer your feedback here.

Local Economy

Facilitated by Bonnie Lipscomb, Economic Development Coordinator for the city of Santa Cruz, and written by Robert Singleton; Santa Cruz County has numerous economic challenges that span multiple industries and effect the entire community. High unemployment still persists in South County, and the high cost of living in the North is driving away new businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Santa Cruz needs to get a handle on the daily “brain drain” of commuters who work over the hill, while also finding new ways to promote local business. Offer your perspective here.


Facilitated by Tiffany Wise-West, a member of the county commission on the Environment, and current PhD candidate at UCSC, and written by Traci Hukill; environmental sustainability is a topic that touches all others. From the roads we drive on, to the water we drink, and even the air we breathe, sustainability affects every aspect of our community, and must be considered when taking a proactive approach to addressing our collective needs. Tell us your thoughts here.


Facilitated by Donna Meyers, Water Commissioner for the Santa Cruz Water Department, and written by Traci Hukill; water has been the focal point in a community wide discussion about desalination and conservation. Now with desal on the back burner, a new effort is underway to address our community’s water needs. Submit your ideas here.

Public Safety

Facilitated by Susan O’Hara, the chief staff member in charge of compiling information for the city of Santa Cruz’s Public Safety Task Force, and written by Eric Johnson; Public Safety is the one issue on the top of everyone’s radar. And after the tragic events that occurred earlier this year and the revelations that our property crime rate is one of the highest in the state, our community has been involved in an ongoing debate about what can be done in order to make our county safer. Have any ideas? Post them here.


Facilitated by Michelle Williams, Executive Director of the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County, and written by Jessica Pasko; the arts topic should be a positive and proactive discussion about how to broaden the general impact of art in the community. Whether it’s providing feedback on the Tannery Arts Center, or the MAH, or brainstorming ways to maintain Shakespeare Santa Cruz, this topic should prove to be interesting and productive. Post your ideas here.

Are you prepared for Civinomicon?

With Civinomicon 2013 now less than 3 days away, we want to make sure that everyone is as prepared for the event as possible. We will have cups for beverages, but with over 140 expected attendees, we want to limit the amount of trash produced. If you can, please bring a mug, cup, or resuable bottle for the event. We have also created three documents that should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect at the event, and what you may need:

A Sneak Peak at Our Newest Feature: Initiatives

Initiatives - Sneak Peak

The development team is putting the finishing touches on the new Initiative feature, which will be released this week in time for Civinomicon. Where Workshops are designed as a place to educate, deliberate and brainstorm over broader topics, Initiatives are all about getting something doable, done.
We’re excited to this out in time for Civinomicon, as we expect several community Initiatives to come out of this future hacking weekend.

City Council Agenda Meeting 11/12

This week the Santa Cruz city council is tackling a number of important issues including Housing and Urban Development grants for low income neighborhoods, recycling vandalism and electric vehicle parking. If you can’t attend the meeting, or don’t want to, we have compiled every line item for you, so that you can vote and comment on each one. Also, we have worked with the city to make sure all of the links to the supporting materials work this time (sorry about the first time!). So if you haven’t yet, make sure your voice gets heard.

The Civinomics Team


  1. […] a Santa Cruz rail-trail-fiber corridor was one of dozens of ideas floated at Civinomicon in Santa Cruz this weekend, and it gained traction with both local officials and the more than one […]

  2. […] a Santa Cruz rail-trail-fiber corridor was one of dozens of ideas floated at Civinomicon in Santa Cruz this weekend, and it gained traction with both local officials and the more than one […]

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