1. Steve Pleich says:

    Concerning the “branding” of Santa Cruz. Although I have not been a resident of our city for generations as some have, I nevertheless entertain fond memories of a community that was rich both culturally and artistically. As we consider the question of a brand name, we must be very careful not to focus overmuch on identifiers that cater solely to the business and lodging industries at the expense of the welcoming and generous vibe that has served us for so long and so well. I understand that economic vitality is in everyone’s best interests, but rather than “rebranding” our city solely with an eye toward increased revenue, perhaps reminding visitors and prospective economic partners of the richness, diversity and vibrancy of Santa Cruz is the better approach.

    Steve Pleich
    Santa Cruz

  2. DF says:

    It’s not clear who this branding would target. Is it tourists, as in the I ❤ NY campaign? Is it businesses, to attract tax revenue and investment in the local economy? Is it potential residents? Is it people who already live here? What are the already-established impressions that these different groups have of Santa Cruz? If the aim of branding would be to create more civic pride and engagement, those are created by deeper changes than just adding more focus on the positive. If it's to attract business, policies have to be put into place that make the area business-friendly; it can't just be lip service created by a branding campaign. Santa Cruz would have to create the business-friendly change first, and then advertise/market that change to potential new ventures. If you interview them, most tourists and visitors already have a branded view of Santa Cruz as a laid-back, beautiful beach town with a good research university. A branding campaign without a clear target, and without concretely measuring which impressions already exist in the target market, would be ineffective.

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