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  1. rodamm says:

    Hi …. I too have written this … that little wins create the big one … and then there were no little wins at first when I had begun .. so it put paid to the above theory. My inner voice is a very expansive being …. I equate it with God living through me and so then the clear message was … when God is with me .. who can be against … and thus I came to the conclusion … that I am the type that goes for the jugular …. its all for me right at the first giving. This was a truly cathartic message to return to when I needed to hear positives to reaching my tipping point. And frankly when I went through the message in my book MasterMind .. God in my mind showed me how things worked .. the stuff most will never see … for then you have to come from such a solid faith as I did … for it never did waver .. no matter what the instigation.

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