John Oliver, Net Neutrality, And The Little Troll In All Of Us

Over the past several months there has been a lot written about how net neutrality, the idea that all Internet content should be treated equally and without preference to companies who can afford to pay for special “fast lanes,” is being threatened. In February a federal court struck down the FCC’s old rules protecting net neutrality, then there was the proposed merger of Time Warner Cable and Comcast – setting up an ominous monopolistic force, and most recently the FCC came out with new rules that would actually allow telecoms to charge for faster, more reliable content delivery, flying in the face of equal content treatment.

But as has been true throughout history, sometimes it takes satire to really bring the message home.

I’ll leave it at that and just say that John Oliver’s recent segment on net neutrality is, well, brilliant!


So watch it and then embrace your inner troll and join the more than 45,000 other people who have left comments on the FCC feedback site…which broke down earlier this week from the sheer number of messages being submitted : ) Enjoy!



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  1. […] Wu is a Columbia professor, who back in 2004 coined the term “network neutrality” in his paper Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination. Nearly 10 years later, this scholarly […]

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