The Civinomics Roadmap: From here to November

Chock full of democracy.

Chock full of democracy.

Stated simply, the goal of the Civinomics site is to provide members with an online “civic tool box”, a selection of web-based tools to facilitate participation in the civic process.

Current features include online workshops and initiatives and the just released new public meetings and agendas listings. There are several other features in the works, to be launched between now and over the summer and early fall to coincide with the November elections.

Organizations – a new category of membership for organized groups. Organizations will have different member privileges than individuals. For instance, organizations will not be able to vote on Initiatives or Ideas in Workshops. Instead, they will be able to state their position of support or opposition, with an explanation, upon which members may comment. Organizations can also be rated by other members, and organization profiles on Civinomics will host discussions where members may engage the organization.

Voter Guides/Sample Ballots – in California, we are all familiar with the paper sample ballots delivered weeks before each election.  This summer, Civinomics will be launching online, interactive sample ballots for the California General Election. People across the state will be able to engage online with the new sample ballots and each other, and organizations will be able to publicly state their positions on the various candidates for office and ballot measures.

Online Surveys – Civinomics works with various agencies and municipalities in the Central Coast and San Francisco Bay Area canvassing citizens to gather input on everything from budget priorities to preference of placement for large infrastructure projects. It’s important for local voters and taxpayers to be heard by their local governments, so Civinomics will be bringing the power of our iPad surveys to the web platform this summer.

Statistics and Graphs – the same interactive graphs found in Workshops are being rolled out for Initiatives, Ballots and Surveys. We want to make it easier for members and elected officials to view and play with the data generated by online participants on the Civinomics platform.

Further down the road we are eager to begin work on tools for Community Curators, who will be responsible for maintaining directories of local elected officials, the posting of meeting agendas , the posting of  election ballots and the development of knowledge bases related to local issues and resources in their communities.

As always, if you have questions, comments or input about the technical roadmap, please post it in the How Can We Improve Civinomics workshop.




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