The Intern

What’s going on! My name is Alex Feldman and I’m the new intern on the block for Civinomics!

Alex Feldman

Alex Feldman

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz and graduated from Pacific Collegiate School. I will be starting my sophomore year at Chapman University in the Fall. I am soon to declare a Business Major with either Economics or Entrepreneurship as an emphasis, and Humanomics as a minor. “Humanomics” is a pilot program at Chapman I’m a part of that explores economics through a humanities perspective. In short: What makes a rich nation rich, what makes a good person good, and what do the two questions have in common? I also play lacrosse on the Men’s Club team (#3 in the nation 2014!)

Civinomics’s community and policy development activities really grabbed my attention. One of the major problems I see with modern politics is that not enough normal people are involved. A lot either don’t know what’s happening in politics or simply don’t care. Civinomics is able to get the input of real everyday people, putting citizens back in the drivers seat. I will be helping by adding content to the blog, as well as with general business management.

The fact that I am a Santa Cruz local only furthers my interest in our community and in finding out the most effective ways for it to thrive. While many people focus on the government’s impact on people and the economy, Civinomics is the perfect place to learn about the people’s impact on the government and economy.


Editor’s Note: You may also know Alex as the son of Sara Isenburg, curator for Santa Cruz Tech Beat, a weekly newsletter for all things Tech in Santa Cruz.

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