1. Chris Nunez says:

    By now you’ve probably read the Sentinel story pointing out that 500 mail in votes were not received until the day AFTER the election, although they had been postmarked properly. They were waiting at the Post Office in SAN JOSE!
    Apparently our own post office here on Front Street no longer processes mail, so this has effectively cancelled out those 500 valid votes.
    Mail in ballots are a good idea, but the mechanism for timely delivery is still shakey.
    That’s my two bits.

  2. Ted Cocheu says:

    Great article–thanks! There’s obviously a lot of work to do to increase participation in the democratic process–so we’re looking forward to working with you closely in the fall at Cal State University Monterey Bay to help make that happen!

  1. […] Civinomics is trying to figure out why “California just experienced the lowest voter turnout rate on record, a measly 18.3%.” They came up with two reasons: voting is not convenient, but more importantly, people don’t think their vote matters. Your members will feel the same way unless you make it incredibly easy for them to vote. You also have to trigger their compulsion to follow social norms and do what’s expected of them as members of your professional community. (Civinomics) […]

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