On Water

WaterHere in Santa Cruz County, a recent civilian grand jury concluded their examination of the local water situation with a warning that “an environmental disaster is looming if major county water suppliers don’t identify new sources“.  Several years into a severe drought, and with the defeat of plans to build a desalination plant, the issue of water is crucial to the whole county.

Thanks to the efforts of local members of the Civinomics community, the information and disussion about water supply alternatives has been very educational indeed. A very useful body of ideas and information resources related to the local discussion about the water situation may be found in the  workshop titled Water for Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek Water Dstrict.

Various ideas have been presented in the workshop and several new initiatives for dealing with the water crisis and droughts to come, such as the building of new reservoirs in the county, the use of more permeable paving to discourage rainwater runoff, with some discussion around expanded use of recycled waste water.

Following the report of the grand jury, it’s interesting to go back over the various water related items posted in Civinomics, especially in light of the one of the conclusions of the grand jury, that the Santa Cruz and Soquel Creek Water Districts did not do a good job of engaging the community around alternatives to the plan to build a desalination plan.

It’s clear there is a huge public interest in the issue, as well as a desire to contribute to solutions. Folks wishing to learn more about the state of the water discussion  in Santa Cruz County can use the links above, or just go to Civinomics and search for the term “water”.



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  1. Fred geiger says:

    Why is it that many communities all around Santa Cruz are recycling water for outdoor use buy not Santa Cruz? San Jose recently went to 20% recycled after successfully doing 10% for a number of years. Yesterday it was announced that Scott’s Valley and Soquel Water Districts are moving towards storm water capture to,replenish the acquirer. Could it be that The highly paid consultants for Santa Cruz are unwilling to,give an objective analysis if it interfes with them making the maximum revenue ?

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