Introducing Lexi Thornton

057    Hi, I’m Lexi Thornton, and I am working as one the interns at Civinomics over the summer. I first came across Civinomics from a class I took at CSU Monterey Bay called Cyberdemocracy.  As an environmental science major, the classes I’ve taken about politics and the government have been limited to only that which meet my general education requirements. Although the Cyberdemocracy class I took this past spring semester was to fulfill one of those requirements, the value of that class as a part of my education was vital because scientists need to utilize the government to be able to make some lasting changes from the knowledge they gain. This class also revitalized my feelings of self-efficacy and value as a citizen, as it reminded me of the importance of being involved in one’s community.

     In a society where so many people do not exercise their right to vote, and expressing opinions and concerns have been reduced to “likes” on social media, it was important for me to get a better grasp of actual effective ways of influencing the world. Aside from refreshing my knowledge of the functions of the US government, Cyberdemocracy helped me to achieve a better understanding of the ways that change can be affected on the web. To get some hands on experience with this, our professor recommended we use Civinomics in a group civics project. I soon came to admire the way that Civinomics facilitated community engagement and conversation about local issues that immediately affect us. I also saw great potential for Civinomics to help influence change and educate people on environmental issues, and it soon became an exciting prospect to think I could be a part of that.


  1. Ted Cocheu says:

    Lexi, Great seeing you and Russell again yesterday–thanks for the great ideas and enthusiastic support. The projects this coming semester will be soooo much better!

    And great blog post–I’m very happy to see the class was meaningful to you!

    Although you said you’d probably not have time next semester, I still want to extend you the offer of a Teaching Assistant position for next semester. Again, 10 hours/week @ $11/hour. The pay isn’t great, but it’s convenient and meaningful and I think we could really do good things together for CSUMB and the students (and it will be an asset on your resume).

    Please consider the opportunity and let’s talk further in the next two weeks (I’d like to get the course settled by 7/11 before I go on vacation).


  2. Ted Cocheu says:

    Checking in one more time… Ted

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