1. Jean Brocklebank says:

    I am a long time customer and fan of Cruzio! I agree with Peggy’s astute answer to the question “How severe is the problem of affordable housing in Santa Cruz?” She replied “The problem is just awful, we lose employees who aren’t able to afford working and living in Santa Cruz.”

    The question that no one seems to be able to answer is “What – exactly – can be done to solve the “awful” situation of the obscene price of housing in Santa Cruz. Until we solve this problem, we are just swatting at gnats in discussing goals for economic development that is meaningful to more than half the population of Santa Cruz County. As long as housing properties are seen as investments for the greatest return possible, housing will never be affordable to those employees who provide all the services and maintenance required to support all businesses, including a high tech business. If everyone made the same big bucks salaries (six figures), there would be no housing problems, but everyone does not (do they?).

    I also agree with Peggy on the lack of discussion of water in the EVS document (also in the Sustainable Santa Cruz County Plan) as a limiting resource as we plan for the next 20 years. Not a good idea. It is like ignoring air to breathe; can’t live without it.

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