Hello! My name is Chennal Breen and I recently joined the Civinomics team of interns! I am heading into my senior year at UCSC with a major in Legal Studies and a minor in Education. So you might think I’m either on my way to going to law school or getting my teaching credentials, right? I’m not entirely sold on either of those plans though. Perhaps sometime in the future, but as of now, my interests lie where these two fields overlap and I would like to focus working on education policy reform. This is where Civinomics comes into play. After hearing about Civinomics and the work being done with initiatives like Civics for All, I was interested in becoming involved right away. SAMSUNGI have often found myself being urged by teachers and mentors not to limit my education or understanding to what I am merely told in a lecture or what I study in textbooks. Instead, go out and learn from doing, get involved, don’t be afraid to question anything or everything and most importantly don’t be afraid of any kind of failure because it all adds up to experience in the end. This advice has become invaluable to me and I have found that my hands on experience within any kind of community I am apart of to be the most constructive and enlightening tools to learning. By living in an age with a system of government that works as slowly as ours, while technological advances seem to give us a new iPhone every other month, Civinomics is an ideal tool to strike a balance and for citizens to collaborate and voice their opinions on the most imperative community issues. Civinomics presents a great opportunity for citizens to not only understand what is happening within their community on the issues that matter the most to them, but also offers a platform that makes it easy to engage with others and take action. And so I look forward to the coming months and to getting involved with the work happening here at Civinomics!

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