Santa Cruz Water Supply Convention: Our Water, Our Future



The deadline to submit your idea(s) for how to solve Santa Cruz’s water shortage is this Thursday, Sep. 18th at 5pm. Make your submissions to the Santa Cruz Water Supply Advisory Committee here:

You can also take a sneak peak at the 80+ ideas received so far from 50 different respondents. We’ve posted them on Civinomics so that you can begin to review, ask questions, and generally help the authors to refine their ideas:

The official date for public rating of the submissions will be Thursday, October 16th at the event Santa Cruz Water Supply Convention: Our Water, Our Future. It will be an all-day event at the Civic Auditorium where idea authors can discuss the details of their proposals with the public. The public will rate all of the ideas according to a standard set of criteria such as “Community Impact” and “Practicality.” You will ALSO be able to rate all of the submissions online at Civinomics starting on October 9th (1 week before the event).

The list of submitted ideas that we’re releasing today are the rough drafts. Between now and the event, Civinomics will work with idea authors to refine their proposals so they have the greatest chance of success. We will also be implementing functionality for the criteria based rating that the Water Supply Advisory Committee wants to use to compare proposals.

So, if you don’t yet see the water solution you’ve been hoping and dreaming of on this list:

Add it. If there was ever a time to do something about our local water supply, it’s now. Jump in.


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