Voting Guide Delay and Corrections

Delaying the Voter Guide

Unfortunately we have had to delay the release of our comprehensive voter guide until next Monday, October 20th, because of our ongoing work in preparation for the City of Santa Cruz Water Supply Advisory Committee Ideas Convention. The Ideas Convention will be taking place this Thursday, October 16th, and will allow members of the community to evaluate various citizen submitted ideas for addressing our water supply needs. More to come on this in the next couple of days so be on the lookout!

Corrections to last week’s Soquel Creek Water District Update and Voter Guide

Last week we incorrectly stated that Bruce Jaffe had been elected to the Soquel Creek Water District Board in 2010, this is incorrect. He was actually elected in 2002, and this has since been updated, along with more information regarding his endorsements that include State Senator Bill Monning, Assemblymember Mark Stone, and County Treasurer Fred Keeley.

It was also incorrectly stated that the slate of Doug Deaver, Bill McGowan and John Prentice was endorsed by the entire Capitola City Council. This is not true, as they have only been endorsed by 3 of the 5 members. Councilmember Sam Storey has endorsed members from both slates.

We apologize for the errors. To view the updated voter guide on Soquel Creek click here.

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