Scotts Valley City Council Election Guide

Tune in next week for our final election guide!!!! It will include the City of Santa Cruz City Council, 4th District Supervisor, Measures K and L and more!

The Scotts Valley City Council election has three candidates vying for two open seats. Retired police captain and 28-year resident of Scotts Valley, Russ Patterson, is challenging incumbent council members Stephany Aguilar and Jim Reed.


Russ Patterson

Russ Patterson

Russ Patterson advocates bringing more innovative businesses to Scotts Valley and encouraging more community involvement by businesses. Patterson supports more business development along Scotts Valley Drive, including the development of the proposed Town Center project. He believes funds from Measure U should be used to improve city services while also providing for city employees and infrastructure. He also supports the agreement to sell recycled water from the Scotts Valley wastewater treatment plant to Pasatiempo Golf Club. He favors an online platform for the City’s planning and permitting process. Patterson’s endorsements include Vice Mayor Dene Bustichi, Councilmember Donna Lind, School Board President Art Bubb.


Stephany Aguilar

Stephany Aguilar

Stephany Aguilar has served on the Scotts Valley City Council for 18 years and has represented Santa Cruz County on multiple local, regional, and statewide boards. She received a Master’s Degree in Communications from San Jose State University with a minor in political science. Aguilar advocates prioritizing affordable housing, and she has worked with developers and Habitat for Humanity to improve affordable housing. Councilwoman Aguilar believes in balancing resources for investing in business, community services, and environmental well-being. Her endorsements include the Scott’s Valley Police Officer’s Association, environmentalist and columnist Dan Haifley, the Scotts Valley Fire District AFL-CIO, and the Santa Cruz County Democrats.


Jim Reed

Jim Reed

Mayor Jim Reed has served on the Scotts Valley City Council since 2007 and works as Vice President of Public Policy for the San Jose-Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce. Before joining the City Council, he formed a group called Town Center Now, and as a councilmember he supports the proposed Town Center project. Mayor Reed supports affordable City projects and maintains that he has voted “against new spending more often than any other councilmember.” Making education a priority, he advocated for Measure K and Measure A, which directed funding to Scotts Valley Unified School district. His endorsements include the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Vice Mayor Dene Bustichi, Councilmember Randy Johnson, and Councilmember Donna Lind.

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