Santa Cruz Water: Easier Browsing, Deadline Extended to Nov 11th

We’ve been working around the clock to make sure viewing and evaluating all of the great proposals for Santa Cruz’s water future is as easy as possible. This week, we added a more condensed listing of the proposals along with search and categorization features.

For example, you can now filter the proposals by search terms like “Desal Alternatives,” “rate increases,” or a specific author such as “Terry McKinney.”


Searching by term “Desal Alternatives” shows all the proposals submitted by this group.


You can also sort the proposals by subcategory like “Conservation” or “Recycled Water” making it easier than ever to compare them.


Looking at the “Recycled Water” subcategory will show you the 11 proposals submitted that would reuse Santa Cruz’s wastewater.


Finally, you’ll notice that there’s a handy green checkbox on all of the proposals you’ve rated or commented on and an orange checkbox on ones you haven’t yet evaluated.

We’ve extended the deadline for submitting your comments and ratings to Tuesday November 11th. You don’t have to evaulate all 57 proposals, but you should definitely rate and comment on the ones you like the most (or least)!

Don’t delay – rate today:

Here are some pictures of the last week’s water related outreach and events to help you get in the rating spirit:


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