1. fan5susc says:

    Another voting option is to require a 51% voter turnout. If this doesn’t occur then the issue, or candidate, on the ballot is no longer valid and the public servants need to return to the drawing board.

    • ASC Local says:

      I totally agree with the 51% or you aren’t the winner concept. I was going to suggest something similar. I don’t believe that people at large aren’t voting due to simple apathy and lack of education. I know nobody, including myself, who took the time to register to vote then just didn’t vote because of laziness or lack of information. By contrast, I registered to vote specifically so I could vote by NOT voting. Until we have a “none of the above” option, I’m not going to vote for “least worst”. If all the candidates are awful, none of them should get the office. There’s no shortage of good intelligent people out there, but winning the political election isn’t about being an honest, worthy candidate, so most of those good intelligent people aren’t going to run for office.
      I think of it this way:
      There’s a hospital lacking a surgeon but in the waiting room there are many sick people who need operations or they’ll die. The hospital tries desperately to hire a qualified doctor. Unfortunately, after much waiting, no doc applies. The sick people are getting worried and depressed. The hospital figures, well, at least if the patients have someone to act as a doctor in the meantime, it must be better than nothing. So the hospital goes ahead and hires a charismatic, friendly person who plays a doctor on TV with no good qualifications. The patients and their families are relieved. There’s a surge of hope. That is, until the patients, one by one, start inevitably dying. The people start to catch on even though the hospital won’t admit what’s going on-honesty could lead to chaos! As the pattern repeats, hope dies, the sick don’t even bother going to the hospital anymore, dying simply becomes the new norm.

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