1. Jean Brocklebank says:

    Russell ~ While the interview was interesting, the person you interviewed is not an “anarchist.” Please take some time to research anarchism and anarchy. It is not about breaking the law or breaking windows. It is not mayhem. It is not disorder. By incorrectly using the term “anarchist,” you perpetuate a myth. Even Wikipedia has a good description of the political philosophy of anarchism, albeit not a thorough treatise. Far from being a system of chaos and destruction, anarchy does not mean no rules; it means no rulers. In the future please reconsider perpetuating the misuse of the term anarchist.

  2. Russell Sterten says:

    Hi Jean, thanks for the comment. I see what you’re saying and went ahead and changed the title. FYI before publishing I shared the title with the person I interviewed and wasn’t asked to change it, but nonetheless I appreciate your point and the need to prevent conflation of anarchy and these current events.

  3. Strobe says:

    You used the term anarchist correctly. I don’t understand why you changed the title at the request of one commenter. B. states he is an anarchist and supports the riots.

    The commenter is using an old anarchist ploy intended to make non-anarchists feel insecure writing about anarchism. I wrote about this habit two years ago in a blog post called “Journey Into Anarchist Phraseology.” Your commenter engages in all the plays I describe. Complaining that “anarchy is not chaos,” even though neither your nor B. made such a statement. She then accuses you of ignorance and suggests Wikipedia as a remedy. Her comment is no more than a ritual response, common to the anarchist subculture of true believers, used to muddy the picture and discredit discussion of their actions.

    • Russell Sterten says:

      Hi Strobe, thanks for giving this a read and for your perspective on this question. I hear what you’re saying, ultimately I decided to change the title because I felt “rioter” kept the focus on the blog’s subject – the recent demonstrations – better than “anarchist”. I think that most of the people participating in the riots wouldn’t describe themselves as anarchists, for example, but rather are striving to make a statement about institutional injustice and the need for reform, but not revolution. That’s my take, at least. I look forward to checking out your piece about anarchy.

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