Stay Away Ordinance Featured in Santa Cruz Waves

In case you missed it Santa Cruz Waves ran an article on the proposed “Stay Away” ordinance to be considered during tomorrow’s City Council meeting. If passed, the ordinance would ban repeat offenders from public parks and beaches, and could result in a misdemeanor for those who ignore their bans. Read more about the proposal by clicking here, and be sure to vote and add your comments here. The results will be sent to the Council prior to the meeting.

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  1. Robert Norse says:

    Thanks for covering this issue.

    To read the actual text of this “no courts necessary, just get out” law, go to . Or if that fails, try: and click on item #18.

    Some of my critical commentary based on the use of the current 1-day Stay-Away law’s targeting of homeless people engaging in life-sustaining behavior (and branding it “criminal”) is at (“Stay-Away Stupidity Not on Tuesday’s 11-25 Council Agenda”).

    Calling homeless people “offenders” who sleep in parks or green belt areas when there are no legal places to go for 95% of the homeless community is a form of hate propaganda long favored by gentrification fans, SCPD “give us more money” officials, and Take-Back-Santa-Cruz style community reactionaries.

    The law is the latest in a series of laws designed to terrorize the poor sleeping outside and pander to the prejudices of those who like to blame them for the city’s failure to fund bathrooms, campgrounds, and adequate needle disposal.

    Santa Cruz has shelter for less than 10% of its homeless population, caters seriously to upscale gentrification, and has massively increased policing–mostly against the poor for non-crime survival behavior.

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