Update on the Coast Dairies National Monument Campaign


Last week brought together a regular who’s who of local elected leaders and conservation champions to begin the campaign to make the Coast Dairies Property off north Highway 1 a National Monument. What was easily thousands of people crammed into Kaiser Permanente Arena in downtown Santa Cruz to hear from Fred Keeley, a former Speaker Pro Tem of the California Assembly and legendary environmental fundraiser in his own right; former Secretary of the Interior and Governor of Arizona, Bruce Babbitt; and John Laird, current State Secretary of the Natural Resources Agency, who concluded the event with a special announcement that California Governor Jerry Brown officially supports the effort.

For those of you who don’t know, the 5,800 acre Coast Dairies property encompasses most of the area around Davenport up Highway 1. The property is unique for many different reasons, including the 500 acres of old redwood forests, and 6 different watersheds, and of course an incredible diversity of plants and animals. It was fitting that on the same day Palo Alto Congresswoman Anna Eshoo introduced new federal legislation to officially designate the area a national monument, which would grant public access to the property, adding to the already expansive portfolio of protected natural landscapes in Santa Cruz.

While usually uncontroversial, designating the property as a national monument would protect it from logging, mining and dirt bike riding, in a similar way to other national parks. And while President Obama could use his executive authority under the Antiquities Act to designate the property, time is of the essence as some members of Congress want to remove that authority from his office.

If you haven’t already, vote below on whether you want the Coast Dairies property to be given official National Monument status.

Should the Obama Administration Designate Coast Dairies the “Santa Cruz Redwoods National Monument”?

Coast Dairies is an iconic property on the Santa Cruz coast.

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