To Expel or Not to Expel


It has been two weeks since the UCSC protesters blocked the highway, causing a severe traffic jam and costing many people a lot of time and money. And while the students have been suspended through finals week, and are currently facing misdemeanor criminal charges, the fate of their expulsion has yet to be decided, despite a petition to the Chancellor having gathered over 4,000 signatures.

The students were originally protesting the recent increases in UC system tuition, however many of their efforts had failed to garner much media attention. In blocking the highway, they had hoped to cause enough of a raucous that people would be forced to pay attention, and they did.

Despite having broad based support for the issue they were protesting against, the students received near universal condemnation for their actions. The predominate attitude projected through social media and in letters to the editor was that the students showed the local community tremendous disrespect, harming the very working people who are likely to be sympathetic to their cause.

Yet for many, the petition calling for their expulsion seemed to go too far. Over the past week we have been allowing people to vote and comment on this question, and the results remain bitterly divided, with 52 percent voting against expulsion. So what are the alternatives?

Many people have suggested that the students be made to do community service, perhaps in spirit of irony hoping to put the students to work cleaning the very roads they blocked. Others have called for them to serve jail time. Still, few have suggested how to address arguably the most important question, which is how do we rally support for funding higher education without resorting to willfully angering people? What would you have done as a student in their shoes? All of these are important questions.

Vote below on how you think the students should be punished. Expulsion, community service, jail? Also, tell us how you feel about the proposed UC Tuition hikes, is there an alternative to funding higher education? Maybe there is simply a better way to protest, how about not paying your student fees? All input is welcome.

Should UCSC Expel the Six Students who Blocked Highway 1 in Protest?

On Tuesday March 3rd, six UCSC students chained themselves together and blocked Highway 1 to protest the increases in UC tuition.

Sentence the 6 UCSC Students who blocked the highway to 120 Hours of Community Service

By blocking the highway these students caused a massive traffic jam that cost thousands of people time and money.

Sentence the 6 UCSC Students who blocked the highway to 30 days jail time.

By blocking the highway these students caused a massive traffic jam that cost thousands of people time and money.

Protest the UC Tuition Hikes Through Mass Non-Payment of Student Fees

The University of California college system is meant to be available to the top 10 percent of academic performing students in the state.

Should The University of California Raise Tuition?

On November 20th, the University of California Board of Regents approved UC President Janet Napolitano’s plan for increasing tuition costs.


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  1. Oliver says:

    Honestly just expel Lori Nixon, I’m pretty sure she was the one who orchestrated this retarded plan to begin with.

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