Last Chance to Weigh In on SC METRO Fee Increase and ParaCruz Cuts


Local public transit operator Santa Cruz METRO is nearing the end of its public input process on proposed measures to close its looming budget shortfall. The proposals include increasing the fare for the Highway 17 bus from $5 to $7 and reducing ParaCruz service to the minimum required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The proposed changes would bring METRO’s deficit from $7.4 million to $2.9 million by 2017. Alex Clifford, chief executive officer at METRO, has hinted at additional fair increases across the system in the following year. They last rose 50 cents in 2011.

The final public hearing is Friday, April 10th, 2015 9:00am at the SC Council Chambers. And 6:30pm at the Watsonville Council Chambers after which the Board will vote. Submit your vote and comments below.

Should Santa Cruz METRO increase the HWY 17 Bus fare from $5 to $7 to partially resolve its structural deficit?


Should Santa Cruz METRO adjust ParaCruz service to partially resolve its structural deficit?


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