A Special Thank You, Corrections.


Civinomics cofounder Robert Singleton (right) and Community Studies Professor Mary Beth Pudup (left)


Over the course of the past week numerous people have reached out to us to thank us for our work on the Homelessness study. And while we would like to thank everyone for their tremendous support and feedback, we would also like to highlight the lead academic researcher who made this all possible: Community Studies Professor Mary Beth Pudup, without whom there would be no survey in the first place. We would also like to thank the UCSC division of Social Sciences, who funded our contribution to the research, and all of the student researchers and volunteers who helped administer surveys.

Professor Pudup was the principle survey designer, working with a committee of other social sciences faculty and researchers to draft the questions asked of both the housed population and those experiencing homelessness. She also led in the training of students who helped us in interviewing respondents, oftentimes using her own money to buy the group pizza and other treats to get us through those long nights. She also spent a considerable amount of time in the field, traveling all over Santa Cruz to knock on doors, and making her rounds at various surveys sites and public spaces to interview individuals experiencing homelessness. She deserves a tremendous amount of recognition and respect for her work, and we feel that she needs to be front and center in this dialogue.


Over the course of reporting on this study we incorrectly attributed the academic work on this project to the departments of Community Studies, Sociology, Psychology, and the Center for Statistical Research. These departments, as a whole, did not contribute to the study, but rather individual faculty members from each of these departments. It was this group of individual faculty who volunteered their time and energy to work on this project, not the entirety of their departments.

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