Should Hetch Hetchy Be Drained?


They say that water is for fighting.

Last week the environmental group Restore Hetch Hetchy filed a lawsuit that seeks to drain the reservoir. Hetch Hetchy supplies over 2 million Bay Area residents with water, however proponents of this endeavor say that the water can be stored in other reservoirs such as Don Pedro, Cherry Reservoir, and various lakes.

Opponents of the proposal say that this would threaten the water supply for much of the Bay Area, and that sending water to other storage sites would be massively complex both from an engineering standpoint as well as due to the jockeying among different agencies that currently oversee those storage sites.

Restore Hetch Hetchy sponsored a San Francisco ballot measure in 2012 that sought the same goal, but the measure was voted down 77-23 percent. In 1913, the O’Shaughnessy Dam was approved by Congress and the Hetch Hetchy valley was flooded over the fierce opposition of famous environmentalist John Muir.

Do you think the valley should be drained and its water diverted to other places? Vote and comment on the idea here.

Should the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir be Drained?

The environmental group Restore Hetch Hetchy has filed a lawsuit to drain the Hetch Hetchy valley and send the water to other reservoirs.

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